The Michelson Organization

Signature Living

Our Mission includes delivering superior service and value to our residents.

Since opening its doors to the community in 1927, The Michelson Organization and its affiliates (Michelson) have prided themselves on providing Signature Living in three core areas: Community, Home, and Service.


Quality Communities

Quality Homes

Quality Service

When you live at one of our Communities, you experience a clean, crisp place to live where attention is given to every detail.

With our Homes, the amenities are designed with the resident in mind to provide a high level of comfort and ease.

And we strive to provide the highest quality of Service for each individual. You will experience first-hand the Michelson Commitment to Service from trained professionals providing information, maintenance, and care with a smile!

Commitment to Service

DependableThe ability to provide assistance reliably, accurately, and consistently.

EffectiveThe successful combination of knowledge, skill and hands on experience.

ResponsiveA willingness to help, promptly and courteously.

ThoughtfulThe level of care and individual attention given to each expectation.

EvidentA team of professionals focused on offering apartment living at its best.

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